Pro Tools

Mac Pro Intel dual 6 core 2.4 gHz running Sierra and Pro Tools 12
Control | 24 surface
1 Avid 8x8 HD I/O,
1 Avid 16x16 HD I/O
24 analog inputs
24 analog outputs
(Additional HD I/Os available as rental)
1 Sync HD
1 AAX Card

Microphone Preamplifiers

8 BAE 1066D (preamps and EQ)

4 Heritage HA73X2 ELITE (preamps only)

1 UA 8110 - 8 channels

1 AEA RPQ2 - 2 channels

1 Neve Portico - 2 channels

1 Valvotronics custom stereo tube mic preamp

6 Valvotronics D-19 tube mic preamp/direct box
1 Grace model 801 (8 preamps)

Outboard Gear

1 CBS Audimax compressor
2 dbx 165A compressors
2 Altec 436C tube compressors, EMI mods
1 Altec 438C tube compressor with mic preamp, EMI mod
1 UREI 1176 LN rev F compressor/limiter
2 Urei LA3a compressor/limiters

1 Stamm Audio SA2A compressor/limiter
2 Valvotronics Gain Ryder 3 Tube compressor/limiters 


Hearback 8 channel cue system

Sennheiser HD280 headphones

Custom TT Patchbay by Audio Accessories
Mogami wire throughout

Facility designed by Francis Manzella of FM Designs
Construction by Technical Structures.
Construction completed 7/1/2002

For rates and bookings, please contact John Kilgore or Vera Beren


john at johnkilgore dot com
vera at johnkilgore dot com

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