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Instruments in parentheses available on request

Download Instrument List as pdf

Electric Guitars

1967 Gibson 335 TDC
1955 Gibson Les Paul Special TV

1971 Fender/DiMarzio Stratocaster

1985 Fender Telecaster (Japan)

(1960 Danelectro Baritone Shorthorn)
(1980s Telecaster Thinline (Japan))
(1959 Danelectro 1303 U2)
(1967 Rickenbacker 450-12)
(1990s Neptune ‘Shorty’ octave high 12 string)

(1960s Tiesco set for slide)

(2 Stratocasters - different configurations)
(2 Telecasters - different configurations)



1966 Fender Jazz
(1966 Fender Precision)

1966 Fender Mustang
(1959 Silvertone 1444)
1956 Kay C-2B upright

Acoustics Guitars

1966 Guild F30 NT

1970s Fender F85 dreadnought
1955 Marcellino Lopez flamenco/classical
(1959 Martin 00-18)

(2005 Martin M-38)

(1977 Guild D55-NT)

(1968 Guild F2-12)

(Weber mandolin Galliton)
(Martin Uke)
(Beard E model resonator)
(Dobro resonator (sq. neck))
(Gold Tone Banjo (tenor))
(Gold Tone Banjitar)
(Dixie banjo uke)


Steel Guitars



(Fender Stringmaster Twin 8)
(Zum Pedal Steel)


Gretsch Drum Kit (octagonal badge)

20" bass drum

14" chrome snare

12" rack tom

14" floor tom

Custom made maple 14" snare

Pearl maple 14" snare


Yamaha C6 Grand Piano

Fender Rhodes Suitcase

Schoenhut Toy Piano

Yamaha S90x 88 key controller

Korg KX3 analog organ synth with drawbars

Amps and Cabinets

All Fender Amps pre-CBS or drip edge

Twin Reverb
Vibro Champ 12" spkr

Princeton 10" spkr

Princeton 12" spkr
Deluxe TV front Tweed (1951?)
Deluxe Reverb

(Deluxe Reverb)
(1964 Bassman Amp)

(Vibro Champ 8" spkr)


Ampeg B18
VOX AC-30 Twin
Marshall Super Lead 100w
Marshall cabinet 4x12 greenback (1960s)
Marshall AX cabinet 4x12 Fane (1960s)

Altec 354B amp

Bell & Howell Film-O-Sound amp
(Gibson BR-6)
(Ampeg Jet II (re-issue))
(Sears Silvertone 1481)
(Lab Series L-9 (15"))
(Ampeg SVT 8x10 cab)
(Aguilar DB 750 amp)
(Aguilar 112 cabs)

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